The Sorority’s Newest Toy

Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, dominant females, gender swap and feminization, multiple partners, public sex and humiliation, hazing, the use of potent aphrodisiacs, submissiveness and dominance. All characters are 18 or older.

Chris Bethel thinks he’s struck gold when a crude remark to a girl walking past at a party seems to have won him a date. She looks like she should be out of his league or at least offended by the way he was talking about her ass, but instead she invites him to a party at her sorority house for the following day.

He’s barely in the door before the girls have offered him drugs that they say they’ve all been taking, and seeing his chance to take advantage of some intoxicated sorority sisters, he’s happy to join in. But it’s only a few minutes before he starts to realize the pills they’ve given him do a lot more than make him feel different – they’re going to make him look different, too! In the space of minutes Chris has become Chrissy, with a sexy transformed body and a bimbo’s sex-crazed mind to match.

And that’s when the sisters reveal their final surprise: Chrissy isn’t their only guest at this little party. The Nu Alpha fraternity should be arriving any minute, and the frat brothers have been told all about the new girl who’s just dying to get filled by a couple of the frat’s biggest rushees.


I turned back to the room. They were all still watching me. As if I didn’t have enough to think about already, it was as though I could actually feel their eyes on me. It was kind of a hot sensation in its own right. They were all looking at me as my every new sexual sensation bubbled to the surface quite plainly and openly.

“She did a good job with her, didn’t she?” Kelly asked the others.

They murmured their agreement, leering at me with amusement and derision on their faces. “Turned her into a naughty-looking little girl.” “She’s really released her inner slut, hasn’t she?” “Who would have thought the change would be so natural and easy?”

The feelings of humiliation and shame melded deep in my stomach, driving some inner heat as I looked around at the fully clad girls I would have been ogling only yesterday. Now they looked at me, smirking at my practically exposed breasts and damp panties. It was almost more than I could bear. I could feel my face turning beat red.

Oops, my hand was down my little skirt. Why couldn’t I stop doing that?

Notice: This title includes themes and passages that have been adapted from Jessica Whitethread’s The Public Sex Dare with full consent of the original author.

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