Catching the Maid

Adrian Belfour seems like a man with everything he could possibly want: wealth, success, good looks, a beautiful home, and a family. But six months ago he hired Liza to help around the house, and now the unflappable man can’t get her out of his head.

Liza loves working for Mr. Belfour, as much for the thrill of being around him as for his generosity. She won’t let herself hope for anything more, but sometimes she can’t help but fantasize just a little. What’s the harm, as long as no one finds out?

But when Adrian walks in on the curvy young woman trying on some of his wife’s lingerie, he loses control. He has to have her, even if it is desperately forbidden and much too rough for Liza’s first time …

Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, a mature man of the house and his curvy inexperienced maid, forbidden desires, rough first time sex, dominance and submissiveness. All characters are 18 or older.

This title includes themes and passages that have been adapted from Jessica Whitethread’s Sitter series with full consent of the original author.


She hooked a strap with one finger and pulled the small garment out of the box. It unfolded smoothly to hang from her hand and she held it up to inspect it.

It was a sheer camisole – meant to enhance and make prominent rather than conceal. A narrow band of fabric ran beneath the bust and connected to string straps at the sides. The rest of the garment was barely there at all. It could have been stuffed into a napkin ring.

Liza was blushing furiously as she held it up. Was this Mrs. Belfour’s? Or a gift for her?

It was exquisite, and the thought of a woman’s body softly revealed underneath the wispy, flowing fabric had her wet all over again, but that was something that happened a little too easily when she was in this house anyways.

She had never seen something like this in person. She couldn’t help but wonder what she might look like in it. She looked down at herself, pensively evaluating her body. She had always been a little on the sturdier side, but over the course of her teenage years that boyish thickness had developed into the soft, feminine curves of a woman.

Her hips and ass were generous and well-defined. Her breasts were on the larger side, full and firm. She’d never slept with a man or been seen naked by one. She liked to think she was pretty, but it was sometimes so easy to think no one thought so or would ever think so …

She took the camisole and held it against herself, looking down to see how it matched her in size. At first glance it looked like a surprisingly good fit. The soft fabric fell down to the tops of her thighs.

She pressed it against herself. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to put something like this on for a man? To wrap herself up in such a seductive garment, knowing it would drive him wild and relishing the feeling of being desired?

She set it down and circled around the front hall to the foot of the main stairs and listened for sounds coming from the children’s rooms. Everything was still and silent. The only light spilled out into the foyer from the kitchen. The rest of the house was dark.

She hurried back to the kitchen and took it into the dining room beyond, where a floor length mirror stood on the north wall.

With the guilty thrill of knowing she was doing something she absolutely should not be doing, she set the box on the dining table beside her and began to slip out of her clothes.

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