Maid’s Discipline

She lives in fear of the day he’ll find out his punishments turn her on, and what he’ll do when her secret is finally uncovered …

Young, curvy, and used to an easy lifestyle, Sasha wasn’t thrilled when her struggling parents asked her to help earn a little money for the family. But she figures getting a job cleaning for a rich family will be a pretty easy way to make a few bucks.

At least, it is until her new boss walks to find her chatting to her friends instead of working. The house is even dirtier than when she started. Mr. King decides the curvy nineteen year old he’s hired needs a bit more hands-on motivation, and his methods change everything for the inexperienced young woman. His strong discipline starts to dominate Sasha’s confused thoughts … and desires.

Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, a wealthy man of the house and his young curvy maid, spanking, discipline punishment, forbidden desires, unprotected first time sex, dominance and submissiveness. All characters are 18 or older.


He stood up and came around behind her. His hand positioned her waist, pushing her ass further outwards and her torso down into a more humiliating posture. His touch was strong and authoritative against her trembling stomach.

“Lift your skirt up.”

Her face burned more hotly as she reached back and lifted the hem of her skirt up to her waist, exposing her panties.

She couldn’t stifle a gasp of chagrin as she felt his fingers hook into the waistline of the panties and pull them down her thighs, leaving her suddenly and mortifyingly uncovered. She stood there frozen, holding up her own skirt to expose herself for the man about to spank her.

As she felt the cool air of the room playing across her bare ass and pussy, she realized with a tremble that she was wet. Not just a little wet, but very wet.

Mr. Green’s hand ran lightly over the full, tight curve of her ass. His fingertips made her skin tingle as they passed over her, effortlessly and perhaps unintentionally communicating how thoroughly he had come to control her, mind and body.

“This will happen every time you are bad,” he said. “Every time you are lazy or apathetic to the job you were hired to do. You will be spanked. I will bring you into my kitchen and you will lift up your skirt for me and then I will punish you just like I am about to do now. I don’t care if my children hear you. They know what happens to rule breakers in this house. Do you understand?”

“Yes – yes, sir,” she said, her voice halfway between a whimper and a moan.

“Good. Count for me.”

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Healing the Maid

Haley was so young and trusting when she gave herself to the wrong guy only to be dumped for a girl from a rich family. She never knew she could feel so lost and vulnerable … or that the strength and comfort of a real man could make so many problems go away …

Mr. Carlsburg has always had a bit of a soft-spot for the nineteen year old he hired to clean up around the house since his divorce. Her inviting curves would capture any man’s attention, but he’s always looked on her more as a daughter than as a woman. And yet, when he finds her in his home crying over another man, he starts to realize his feelings for her are more real and more possessive. He wants to comfort her and protect her … but more simply and undeniably, he wants her for himself.

Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, a wealthy man of the house and his young and curvy maid, forbidden desires, rough sex, dominance and submissiveness. All characters are 18 or older.


While he was distracted, she found herself studying her boss. Claire’s admiring, even jealous comments from earlier came back as she studied him. He was undeniably handsome, and in his late thirties was still very much in his prime. His hair was dark and cut short in a style that seemed an impossible mix of elegant and effortless. His face was strong, with bright eyes that glinted a metallic blue and a jaw darkened by the hint of stubble. He was dressed in his usual tailored suit, a garment whose formality never quite concealed how good the body within it must be: broad-shouldered and athletic.

Haley was always a bit uncomfortable when people brought up how attractive her new boss was, maybe in part because it stirred similar thoughts in herself … thoughts she knew she shouldn’t have. He was her employer, much older, and saw her as more of a daughter than anything. There was something deliciously guilty about imagining what it would feel like to … but she wasn’t that kind of girl. She might not be able to help those kinds of thoughts, but she certainly didn’t have to dwell on them.

Let the other girls giggle and make comments. The closest they ever got was seeing him give talks at the endowed seminars. She was the one who was here, now. She was the one he trusted in his home, trusted to keep his house and sometimes even watch his kids. She would be the one here on a Friday evening, getting bid goodnight. She was the one who knew his smell, felt his touch on her back as he said goodbye for the evening …

That wasn’t the kind of trust she wanted to betray. That wasn’t the kind of girl she was.


She jumped. Had she been staring? Was she being weird?

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Maid Curvy: Three Stories of Domestic Temptation

When she is curious, he is there to show his experience. When she is tentative, he is there to take control …

Imagine being a young woman, hired as a maid in a home more lavish than you ever dreamed of. The man of the house is established, successful, and so handsome it makes you want to scream. The thrills he sends through you with just a smile are almost frightening, and an appreciative glance is enough to get you wet.

These are alpha males who appreciate the feminine curves of their hired help, and aren’t shy about deciding to take matters into their own hands. The charged passion and forbidden pleasures have never been so hot.

Be sure you’ve got somewhere to be alone before you pick up this steamy bundle!

Reader Advisory: These stories are for mature audiences only and feature intensely erotic situations, mature and powerful men of the house and young and curvy maids, forbidden desires, rough first time sex, dominance and submissiveness. All characters are 18 or older.

Notice: These titles include themes and passages that have been adapted from the Sitter series Jessica Whitethread with full consent of the original author.


She hooked a strap with one finger and pulled the small garment out of the box. It unfolded smoothly to hang from her hand and she held it up to inspect it.

It was a sheer camisole – meant to enhance and make prominent rather than conceal. A narrow band of fabric ran beneath the bust and connected to string straps at the sides. The rest of the garment was barely there at all. It could have been stuffed into a napkin ring.

Liza was blushing furiously as she held it up. Was this Mrs. Belfour’s? Or a gift for her?

It was exquisite, and the thought of a woman’s body softly revealed underneath the wispy, flowing fabric had her wet all over again, but that was something that happened a little too easily when she was in this house anyways.

She had never seen something like this in person. She couldn’t help but wonder what she might look like in it. She looked down at herself, pensively evaluating her body. She had always been a little on the sturdier side, but over the course of her teenage years that boyish thickness had developed into the soft, feminine curves of a woman.

Her hips and ass were generous and well-defined. Her breasts were on the larger side, full and firm. She’d never slept with a man or been seen naked by one. She liked to think she was pretty, but it was sometimes so easy to think no one thought so or would ever think so …

She took the camisole and held it against herself, looking down to see how it matched her in size. At first glance it looked like a surprisingly good fit. The soft fabric fell down to the tops of her thighs.

She pressed it against herself. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to put something like this on for a man? To wrap herself up in such a seductive garment, knowing it would drive him wild and relishing the feeling of being desired?

She set it down and circled around the front hall to the foot of the main stairs and listened for sounds coming from the children’s rooms. Everything was still and silent. The only light spilled out into the foyer from the kitchen. The rest of the house was dark.

She hurried back to the kitchen and took it into the dining room beyond, where a floor length mirror stood on the north wall.

With the guilty thrill of knowing she was doing something she absolutely should not be doing, she set the box on the dining table beside her and began to slip out of her clothes.

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Toying with the Maid

Joanna’s had a crush on for Mr. Logan ever since she started working for him as a housekeeper, but he’s older, successful, and married, and silly fantasies only get a girl in trouble. Besides, working for the Logans is a great job and she’d never risk letting her feelings show if it could cost her all that.

But Mr. Logan – wealthy, handsome, and used to getting his way – isn’t nearly so skittish about recognizing what he wants and deciding to take it. And as weeks go by, the older man starts to realize that’s exactly how he feels about the curvy young woman he’s hired into his home.

And once she’s his, the fun’s only started, because a man like Mr. Logan never does things half-heartedly. What starts out as a sweet, forbidden romance starts to push her boundaries in a hurry, and when she inadvertantly shows up while he has several friends visiting, she finds herself the center of some very intense attention.

Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, a mature man of the house and a young curvy maid, forbidden desires, rough first time sex, multiple partners and group menage, dominance and submissiveness. All characters are 18 or older.

This title includes themes and passages that have been adapted from Jessica Whitethread’s Sitter series with full consent of the original author.


Joanna had fallen asleep on the couch again. It had gotten late, and she had finished her duties hours ago. Usually she only had to work at the Logan’s until ten or so, but since Mrs. Logan had been travelling, she had been asked to stay to watch the house until Mr. Logan got home. When Mr. Logan worked nights, he usually wasn’t back until almost midnight, and tonight, like several in the past, he found the young maid dozing lightly in the living room, her hair loose and surrounding her young, gently smiling face. An arm was draped across her stomach, pressed against the undersides of her full breasts and making her soft, lush body as inviting as he had ever seen it.

She woke slowly as she felt his hand on her shoulder and looked up, blinking sleepily.

“Oh, Mr. Logan.” She brushed a lock of hair out of her eyes and smiled sheepishly.

“Sorry it was so late again, Joanna,” he said. “You know I hate to keep you so long.”

She sat up. “Oh, it’s alright,” she said. “I’m happy to stay late.”

Her eyes stayed on his handsome face, following the strong line of his jaw and lingering on the salt and pepper of his short hair. She’d probably never admit it, but she loved waking up to him like this. It felt so familiar and intimate. It was like she was stealing a little piece of what it would be like to wake up in his arms in the morning.

Increasingly over the months since she had started working for him, she had been forced to acknowledge those feelings, even if she would never dare let them show. Her boss excited her. He was incredibly handsome in the distinguished way of a man in his forties, influential and wealthy, and basically a good man who had never quite lost the bad boy streak she was told he used to be known for in his younger days. She had been taken into his home, trusted to occasionally watch his kids, and it was a moment like this, waking up to him, warm and comfortable with his hand on her arm, that everything forbidden and impossible that she wanted seemed almost real.

But she was just twenty, and she was smart enough to know that they were just the fantasies of a silly girl spending time around a man she could never have.

At least, that was what she thought until tonight as she looked up, still blinking sleepily, and saw the way he was watching her.

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