Learning to Surrender – A Romance of Power and Submission (The First Series)

“You thought you owned your body,” he had breathed into her ear. “And I so very much love teaching you how wrong you are.”

It was just a chance encounter in a part of town Heather didn’t belong, two different worlds touching by cold accident. It shouldn’t have meant anything. She knows so little about him, but suddenly all she can think about is how to please him.

Troy can be cold and dark and aloof. No one gets close to him. By now he owns half the city skyline Heather’s always been such a sucker for. He has the power to have anything, to take anything, so what is it he wants from her?

He left her a necklace that he says marks his property, and with each passing day the urge to try it on has been growing …

Reader Advisory: This series is intended for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, themes of dominance and submission, forced exhibition, public humiliation, discipline, and rough sex. All characters are 18 or older.


The rideshare driver who picked her up took a little convincing that he was authorized to drive into the charter terminal at the airport. He was smarter she had given him credit for at first glance, and he could tell Heather wasn’t providing the whole truth when she said she was on some sort of approved parties list. But after being promised a generous tip, he agreed to try.

Twenty minutes later, there they were pulling up to the access gate of the charter terminal. Heather leaned out to wave at the security guard, and thankfully he had been working the previous Friday when she and Troy had flown out en route to Italy. He motioned them through without stopping them.

She spotted the familiar white limousine waiting out closer to the concourse, and directed the driver to drop her off next to it. She couldn’t stop thinking about coming here for her first time three weeks ago, when she was still so awed by the idea that someone like Troy Baldwin wanted to see her again. It was funny how she was always meeting him at the airport, as if he came down from somewhere more important just to see her.

But what an unhealthy attitude, she realized. It’s that kind of thinking that got me into this mess. He’s just someone. He’s amazing and thrilling and I fall apart when he touches me, but he’s just human. He’s just human and I’m just human. No more and no less. If I can’t accept that I deserve him, I don’t have any business being here. What’s between us can be real. I can make it real. If he doesn’t think that’s what he wants, I’ll show him it is. I will.

It was a nice little mantra. Repeating it felt good. It helped pass the minutes that seemed to stretch like hours. The wind bit into her skin, whipped through her hair, made her feel like she was waiting at the edge of the world, trying to reach across it.

After a lifetime, a cold, dreadful lifetime, she saw a jet approaching along the network of runways.

Heather’s courage almost failed. She had nowhere to run, no way to leave, and it was still so hard to stay still, watching it come. Her heart was in her throat. Her palms hurt where she’d been pressing her nails into them. If the plane had been waiting for her to be ready, it never would have come.

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