Dangers of Control: A Bad Boy Billionaire BDSM Romance (Learning to Surrender Series 2)

“Good,” he said, so very softly. “Look at how far we’ve come. It wasn’t that long ago I’d have you going all to pieces on me just for a little tie-up. But you’ve learned I can be good to you, haven’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” she breathed.

“And you’ve learned I don’t have to be, too.”

The answering shiver, nervous and aroused and eager, jerked through the leather strap of the belt tied at her throat. “Yes, sir.” Her voice was barely audible.

Sometimes it feels like he runs the world. In a breath he can win your heart or break your will. No matter how painfully sexy and honest and right he might seem, Heather has never let herself forget how dangerous he really is.

But against all her better judgement, against a thousand repeated promises, she’s starting to let herself fall in love.

Troy never meant things to go this far. He never meant to let anyone get hurt, but there’s something about Heather that won’t allow him to let go. He knows he’s either the man she dreams about or the man she fears. He’d give anything to be able to choose which one he’ll be, but some days it feels like that choice has never been his.

Reader Advisory: This series is intended for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, themes of dominance and submission, forced exhibition, discipline, bondage, and rough sex. All characters are 18 or older.


She entered with small steps, tentative and beautiful. When wasn’t she beautiful?

She was wearing his favorite dress. A peace offering. It was a light green, dashed with white at the thigh and cut low, wispy and light. It suited her perfectly. Her beauty was marred only by the anxious expression on her face. It made his heart break, seeing her like that. He never wanted her to be anxious again. Why did she have to push the way she did, only making problems where there hadn’t been any?

“Hey,” she said.

“It’s good to see you,” he said. “You look very nice this evening.”

A little smile broke through her serious expression. “Thanks.”

“I’m not angry,” he said. “I’m done with that. I should have been done with that a long time ago.”

She seemed to relax a little. “I’m sorry, too. I never meant to upset you. If I’d known … I mean, I never should have brought it up in the first place. Let’s forget it.”

Troy appreciated the sentiment, but he shook his head. “We’re not really going to forget it, are we?”

She tilted her head ruefully. “No, probably not.”

He sighed. “I didn’t think so.” He offered her the glass of wine and led her out onto the covered balcony. The rain fell with a dull rushing sound on the roof and sides of the building. The air had a damp taste to it.

She was quiet, waiting for him to speak.

“I always love this city in the rain,” he said. “Isn’t that strange? I love the sound of it falling, the smell of wet pavement. It’s at its best in the rain. The sky is dark and threatening, but the city’s still full of light and warmth, beneath all that concrete, shining out through the glass.”

“It can be really beautiful,” Heather agreed.

“Comforting, maybe,” Troy said. “I remember … well, I wasn’t always on this side of it, looking out. I remember what it was like to be wet and cold, on a night like this. It’s not something you forget.”

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Learning to Surrender – A Romance of Power and Submission (The First Series)

“You thought you owned your body,” he had breathed into her ear. “And I so very much love teaching you how wrong you are.”

It was just a chance encounter in a part of town Heather didn’t belong, two different worlds touching by cold accident. It shouldn’t have meant anything. She knows so little about him, but suddenly all she can think about is how to please him.

Troy can be cold and dark and aloof. No one gets close to him. By now he owns half the city skyline Heather’s always been such a sucker for. He has the power to have anything, to take anything, so what is it he wants from her?

He left her a necklace that he says marks his property, and with each passing day the urge to try it on has been growing …

Reader Advisory: This series is intended for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, themes of dominance and submission, forced exhibition, public humiliation, discipline, and rough sex. All characters are 18 or older.


The rideshare driver who picked her up took a little convincing that he was authorized to drive into the charter terminal at the airport. He was smarter she had given him credit for at first glance, and he could tell Heather wasn’t providing the whole truth when she said she was on some sort of approved parties list. But after being promised a generous tip, he agreed to try.

Twenty minutes later, there they were pulling up to the access gate of the charter terminal. Heather leaned out to wave at the security guard, and thankfully he had been working the previous Friday when she and Troy had flown out en route to Italy. He motioned them through without stopping them.

She spotted the familiar white limousine waiting out closer to the concourse, and directed the driver to drop her off next to it. She couldn’t stop thinking about coming here for her first time three weeks ago, when she was still so awed by the idea that someone like Troy Baldwin wanted to see her again. It was funny how she was always meeting him at the airport, as if he came down from somewhere more important just to see her.

But what an unhealthy attitude, she realized. It’s that kind of thinking that got me into this mess. He’s just someone. He’s amazing and thrilling and I fall apart when he touches me, but he’s just human. He’s just human and I’m just human. No more and no less. If I can’t accept that I deserve him, I don’t have any business being here. What’s between us can be real. I can make it real. If he doesn’t think that’s what he wants, I’ll show him it is. I will.

It was a nice little mantra. Repeating it felt good. It helped pass the minutes that seemed to stretch like hours. The wind bit into her skin, whipped through her hair, made her feel like she was waiting at the edge of the world, trying to reach across it.

After a lifetime, a cold, dreadful lifetime, she saw a jet approaching along the network of runways.

Heather’s courage almost failed. She had nowhere to run, no way to leave, and it was still so hard to stay still, watching it come. Her heart was in her throat. Her palms hurt where she’d been pressing her nails into them. If the plane had been waiting for her to be ready, it never would have come.

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Code of Conduct: Discipline, Spanking, and Humiliation in the Workplace

He stood back, running a hand over the curve of my ass and the back of my thigh. “Alright, my little misbehaver. Panties off.”

Under the boss determined to instill discipline, you don’t want to be the employee caught doing the wrong thing …

Code of Conduct is a three story bundle of workplace domination, discipline, and surrender to forbidden lust.

Reader Advisory: These stories are for mature audiences only and feature intensely erotic situations, well-hung alpha men, spanking, discipline, rough sex, dominance and submissiveness. All characters are 18 or older.


My heart was pounding as I looked up at him. His thick arms caged me in and back against the bed. It was as though his weight was already on me, pushing me back into the soft mattress, but he hadn’t touched me yet.

I couldn’t believe it was happening. I was about to get fucked by my boss.

I put a tentative hand up against his shoulder, just to feel him, and the heavy muscles pulsed under my fingers. I moaned at how badly I wanted him and at how long I’d wanted him. I ground my thighs together in restrained eagerness. “I’m ready,” I breathed.

He gathered my blouse in one hand and pulled it open, sending buttons flying across the carpet. I gasped, giddy with amazement. He was a stallion. I’d never been with a man like this. I’d never been with someone so much older and so much more experienced.

He unsnapped my bra with an easy gesture and pulled that away, too. I watched it flutter back behind him before my eyes returned to his. He looked at me, lust burning in his face.

His hands reached out and took my breasts, feeling at their naked shapes and cupping them as he leaned forward to kiss me. He paused just above me, his breath hot on my throat. I looked up at him a little shyly, taken aback by this sudden pause as he savored his ownership of my body. I could feel a slight blush in my face.

“You’re playing with me?” I asked.

“Isn’t that what you’ve been doing with me?” he countered.

I laughed a little in exasperation and arched my back to push my tits up into his hands. His touch felt so impossibly good. I just wanted more of it, more of it everywhere.

He bent and pressed his lips to my nipple. His hot, wet tongue circled it teasingly. I bit back the moan at first, and then let it out, giving in to the helpless pleasure.

His kisses began a trail across the top of my breast, up my throat, hot and slow against my neck, and then finally brushing against my lips. I returned the kiss enthusiastically, wet and sloppy and exuberant.

“Now,” he breathed, “I want to feel you come. I want to make you scream.”

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EROTICA: Sitter Discipline: Three Very Naughty Stories

A babysitter is meant to be keeping the kids well-behaved, but when the man of the house discovers she’s the one getting out of line, he needs to take matters into his own hands …

Even with three full-length stories of steamy, exquisite discipline, this bundle will leave you desperate for more!

Reader Advisory: These stories are for mature audiences only and feature intensely erotic situations, wealthy, powerful, and well-hung older men and the fertile younger women employed in their homes, spanking, discipline, multiple partners and rough group sex, dominance and submissiveness. All characters are 18 or older.

Check out the preview for a peek at all the hot action inside that would never be allowed in a public description!


He stood up and came around behind her. His hand positioned her waist, pushing her ass further outwards and her torso down into a more humiliating posture. His touch was strong and authoritative against her trembling stomach.

“Lift your skirt up.”

Her face burned more hotly as she reached back and lifted the hem of her skirt up to her waist, exposing her panties.

She couldn’t stifle a gasp of chagrin as she felt his fingers hook into the waistline of the panties and pull them down her thighs, leaving her suddenly and mortifyingly uncovered. She stood there frozen, holding up her own skirt to expose herself for the man about to spank her.

As she felt the cool air of the room playing across her bare ass and pussy, she realized with a tremble that she was wet. Not just a little wet, but very wet.

Mr. Green’s hand ran lightly over the full, tight curve of her ass. His fingertips made her skin tingle as they passed over her, effortlessly and perhaps unintentionally communicating how thoroughly he had come to control her, mind and body.

“This will happen every time you are bad,” he said. “Every time you are lazy or apathetic to the job you were hired to do. You will be spanked. I will bring you into my kitchen and you will lift up your skirt for me and then I will punish you just like I am about to do now. I don’t care if my children hear you. They know what happens to rule breakers in this house. Do you understand?”

“Yes – yes, sir,” she said, her voice halfway between a whimper and a moan.

“Good. Count for me.”

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Willing Patient: The Complete Bimbo Therapy Series

Fresh out of college, Kelly Munson has managed to land an internship at a prestigious behavioral research institute. Resigned to making coffee and working the copier, she’s just thrilled to be in the same building as the famous and handsome researcher Dr. James Vellano. Little does she realize just how intimately his next project will involve her.

When a chance encounter catches his eye, she quickly becomes the center of his newest project. His studies of sexual pleasure have led him to design a program to create the ideal bimbo: voluptuous, horny, and desperate to please. Now he has the perfect test subject, and he’s prepared to work intimately and untiringly with her until he has shaped her into his perfect sexual plaything, though of course he’ll be willing to share.

Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, bimbofication, the use of potent aphrodisiacs, multiple partners, medical examination, a dominant older man and the increasingly submissive, fertile young subject of his experiments. All characters are 18 or older.

Willing Patient: The Complete Bimbo Therapy Series follows Kelly’s transformation into a willing sex toy over the course of the three part series: Transforming the Intern, The Doctor’s Presentation, and Passing Around the Doctor’s Pet, now combined in a single volume.


I lived in a rhythmic haze, sometimes completely caught up in the changes I was experiencing and at other times regaining enough of a clear head to understand what was happening. Gradually I began to recognize that this wasn’t about unleashing some empowering sense of sexuality. It was about making me into the perfect bimbo, a little sex kitten dwelling in the world of sensual pleasure. At first the thought alarmed me, but as the treatments went on, the more the thought excited me. I began to consciously work towards the little things that might please Dr. Vellano and bring me in line with what he wanted me to be. I awaited new measurements with breathless excitement. When my first reaction to any request wasn’t immediate and eager obedience, I stumbled over myself to apologize and beg his forgiveness.

I was starting to have trouble with complicated ideas, and even that I began to appreciate. The complicated ideas were all just distractions anyways. The simple things were the important things. Pleasure. Obedience. Keeping myself sexy and available. When anything that didn’t have to do with those things came up, men like Dr. Vellano were happy to worry about them for me in exchange for a little of those things that I did understand.

But best of all was the effect my changes had on them. That was where I took my greatest satisfaction. When I had first wandered in through their doors they had looked on me like a nice piece of clay, something they could do something with but not terribly interesting in my own right. But now I often saw their admiring glances. I saw the way they responded to my body and the little things I did to please them.

It was Dr. Vellano in particular that I focused on. I knew he wanted me, and that he was only managing to restrain himself because he didn’t want to interfere with the experiment in its early stages. But I didn’t care about the experiment. I cared about him, and I knew I could make him happy if he let me.

So I became a bit of a bad girl. I watched for the little things I did that most affected him and did them at every opportunity. I came and sat on his lap whenever he was too distracted to immediately shoo me away. Once or twice I managed to brush his groin with a thigh or a hand and could tell I made him hard. He had created his perfect sex toy and now I took it upon myself to be sure he got to play with me before his sense of responsibility left us both unhappy.

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Lawyer to Bimbo: A Three Part Bimbo Transformation Series

Reader Advisory: These stories are for mature audiences only and feature intensely erotic situations, bimbofication, the use of potent aphrodisiacs, alpha male biker outlaws, a medical exam, a billionaire older man and young fertile woman, body transformation, multiple partners and gangbangs, anal sex and double penetration, submissiveness and dominance. All characters are 18 or older.

Veronica Tulane is all business, all the time. That’s how she’s built her law practice into one of the most successful criminal defense firms in the state. But maybe she’s working just a little bit too hard, because now even the outlaw MC president she’s defending against a racketeering charge is starting to notice she looks tired and stressed. He offers her a pill he says will help her catch up on casework, but soon she finds out that helping her get ahead wasn’t exactly what he had in mind and the drug he’s given her is going to do just about everything but help her focus on paperwork.

Parts of her body might get bigger, but her brain certainly won’t be one of them.

Before she knows what’s happening, new feelings have drowned out the little voice that says no and her urges have pushed her into the arms and at the mercy of the gang leader and his biker buddies, who are more than happy to help her fill her sudden cravings …

But unable to remember how she ended up sprawled across a conference table or why she feels so fantastic, Veronica goes on believing her pills will help her focus on the professional challenges ahead.

When the pills inevitably backfire and the sharp young attorney finds herself rapidly transforming into a voluptuous and helplessly horny bimbo, hot chaos is sure to ensue in all the most inappropriate settings: in court, and even at her own disciplinary hearing, where her strange behavior earns her a medical exam that brings everything into the open.


“But how would she get pills like that?” the man on the left asked, looking at me with increased interest.

“How did you get these pills, Veronica?” the doctor asked, turning back to me.

I perked up to have him paying attention to me again. “I’m not really sure, doctor, but it’s alright, isn’t it? I don’t really remember how it all started. I just want you to be happy with me. Wouldn’t you like to examine me some more? I promise I’ll be a good patient.”

He put his pen to his pursed lips. “This is a rare opportunity. The change is supposedly quite remarkable. I hope you gentlemen don’t mind if I do make some notes of this.”

“By all means.”

He reached out his hand and put a finger beneath my chin, raising my face to look at me. I allowed him to guide my head, looking back at him with wide, expectant, eager eyes. “You’ll note how submissive she’s become,” he said. “You’re quite eager to please us, aren’t you Veronica?”

“Oh yes, sir,” I agreed, trying to nod but stopping when I felt his finger still holding my head in place.

“You want to be a good little slut, don’t you?”

I shivered excitedly at the word and I felt myself getting very wet. “Yes, sir, very much, sir.”

“You see how positively she responds to sexually demeaning language,” he said, smiling at me. “The change in attitude is remarkable, but it’s the physical changes I’ve heard about that stump me. I really don’t understand how they can be possible. Would you like to let me feel your ass, Veronica?”

I slipped down off the desk on long, tingling legs and turned to present my ass to him. My heart fluttered again in hopes of another compliment.

His hand cupped my ass cheek, stroking at the folds of my skirt. I whimpered softly in pleasure.

“Exquisite,” he confirmed. “Plump, but firm and tight. And you can see how excited she is.”

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Turned Bimbo!: Three Erotic Stories of Bimbo Transformation, Menage, and Exhibitionism

Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, multiple partners, group sex, exhibitionist themes, bimbofication and the use of potent aphrodisiacs, a billionaire alpha male and his young secretary, submissiveness and dominance. All characters are 18 or older.

Rachel’s four years in college were supposed to prepare her for bigger and better things, but working for a man like Peter Everette takes all the sting out of being a secretary. He may already be one of the city’s most powerful men at the young age of 34, but he’s so approachable and friendly with his newest employee that she can’t help but sometimes think about more than a work relationship.

Trying to look good for her boss, she’s bought herself a beauty supplement that promises more than just good skin. But when the supplement turns out to have some “additional properties,” new hormones kick Rachel’s fantasy of seduction into sudden overdrive.

Before she’s had time to think, she’s flaunting her new attitude and assets through the office in ways that Mr. Everette and the other partners accustomed to the firm’s stuffy work environment can’t help but notice … and act on. It’s not long before the fertile but inexperienced young woman is getting all the attention she can handle, and more.


I shifted over to stand in front of the reflective metallic panel that held the floor number keypad and bent down to make sure I looked alright. It must have been the slightly distorted shape of the panel, but the changes I had observed earlier in the morning seemed, if anything, to have increased.

Also, my nipples were poking out very obviously through the thin cloth of my blouse. Good lord, had I looked like that this whole time? My body clenched in delicious embarrassment as I realized after the fact just why my appearance had made such an impression on my new friend John. I had never been dressed so inappropriately in public in my life, let alone in the middle of the financial sector in the middle of a work day.

I rubbed at the offending nipples. Oh God did that feel good, but it did the exact opposite of the desired effect. Between the tightness of the fabric and the prominence of my nipples I sort of looked like a girl in a wet t-shirt contest. I giggled a little, remembering I had once thought about entering one of those back in college but not being able to muster the courage.

For whatever reason, it didn’t seem to occur to me that looking like that in a nightclub during spring break was a little different from showing up for work as a secretary on the forty-fifth floor. Nothing could lessen my good mood.

I removed the key from my purse that authorized the elevator to go beyond the public floors, and in another thirty seconds I watched the doors open on the familiar lobby that I presided over.

I tiptoed out of the elevator and peeked across at the blind-obscured windows of his office. The light was on. I sighed, accepting my comparative ineptitude with resignation. He could fly to Washington, speak at a conference, fly home, and be back at work before I could snap a bra on and drive seventeen blocks. Actually, I had only managed half of those things. Who knew why he put up with me?

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School Discipline Bundle

Reader Advisory: These stories are for mature audiences only and feature intensely erotic situations, taboo teacher/student relations, discipline, spanking, humiliation, submissiveness and dominance. All characters are 18 or older

School Discipline contains three stories of discipline, submission, dominance, and humiliation in the classroom.

Disciplining the Teacher
If she’s being honest, Sandra Rogers sometimes enjoys jerking around the male college students in her classes … but when she goes too far with her bad marks, she finds out there’s someone in her class who won’t get pushed too far. Jackson, an undergraduate after completing his military service, has discovered a dirty little secret that Sandra will do anything to keep from getting out into the open. He’s willing to keep this secret between them, but he wants to be sure that still gets the punishment she so very much deserves.

Caught By My Professor
Rachel Stanton has always found ways of using her good looks to get ahead, and when she arrives in college it doesn’t look like that’s going to have to change. But her easy ride runs out when her professor Alex Cossaign notices her flirting with a classmate only to copy his course work. The handsome professor decides it’s time to teach her a little personal responsibility and maybe show the flirtatious young woman just what a man who actually knows how to handle her charms looks like.

Naughty Rumors
Annie doesn’t know why she started the rumor about Professor Richardson, her handsome and popular literature professor. Maybe it was just a plea for attention, or maybe it was just a way of making a long-hidden fantasy become slightly real. But whatever the reason, the rumors have made their way to the Dean of Student Affairs Mr. Clay himself, and when Annie is called down to the office on a Friday afternoon, she finds out he’s heard a lot more. Once past the initial mortification, she can admit she’s probably earned the spanking she’ll get, but did he really have to tell Professor Richardson about the whole thing, too?


“I’m going to punish you, Sandra,” he explained, his hand undoing the zipper and allowing the skirt to open and fall to the floor. I clutched a hand over my panties. “You don’t seem to be grasping that reality. It’s either me or the Chair of your Department. Which one do you want it to be?”

I stared at him, caught in an impossible place. I had no one to blame but myself. Why had I done it? And now I was completely at his mercy.


“You,” I whispered.

“Me? You want me to punish you?”

I grimaced, trying to think of some other option.

“Sandra? What’s it going to be?”

“… Yes.”

The smile returned to his face. “That’s a good girl. I thought you’d see it my way. It just took a little explaining. Now bend down and pick up your skirt and hand it to me. I’d hate to let it wrinkle down there.”

The deep crimson blush of humiliation was rising in my face as I stared at him, paralyzed.

“Sandra,” he repeated, pointing at my fallen garment.

I slid my back down the wall until I felt the rumpled fabric in my hand. I stepped out of it and rose with it draped from my limp fingers.

Jackson held out his hand for it and I gave it to him. He folded it with care, placed it on the desk behind him, and then turned back to me. He eyed me up and down, evaluating the woman standing before him. I was supposed to be the authority figure, but how fast the tables had turned. I felt the blush in my cheeks burning hotter than ever as I felt his eyes roving my trembling body. Other, more conflicted and confusing emotions were playing about inside me as well as I noticed the slight quickening of his breath and the desire in his eyes.

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His to Train: The Complete Series

Reader Advisory: These stories are for mature audiences only and feature intensely erotic situations, bdsm play, crops, spanking, public discipline, humiliation, multiple partners, submission and dominance. All characters are 18 or older.

Five toe-curling stories of dominance and erotic discipline, now available in one volume!

Jennifer has always been curious about the kink lifestyle, but her exposure to it with her current partner has been a bit limited. In the aftermath of an eye opening experience with a couple acquaintance within the scene, Jennifer and Robert apply to become members in the highly exclusive Tremboix Society, a BDSM network of the city’s most powerful and influential. Rather than questionnaires or resumes, the Tremboix uses only one metric to assess potential couples: the worthiness of the submissive. So it is that Jennifer finds herself standing alone before a gathering of the city’s most powerful and sexually dominant men with only one task: obey.

His to Train: The Complete Series follows Jennifer along the initial steps of her sexual self-discovery, first on the public stage of the Tremboix Society, and then into the house of discipline established by one of the society’s most prestigious members who, intrigued by Jennifer’s charms, makes a rare offer to train her personally over the course of a week.


All the while, the other hand worked its delicate touch up my thigh, claiming my body as his one inch at a time.

As he continued to speak, his tone became quieter and more seductive, almost hypnotic. “But me, I can tell when a woman is truly, utterly powerless. It doesn’t have anything at all to do with ropes.” The tips of his fingers brushed the lace of my panties. “Do you know what I mean, Jennifer?”

“Yes,” I gasped. I felt paralyzed by need, not just his touch but his orchestration. He was playing my body, and every note seemed to match a perfect harmony I had never listened for before. All the while it seemed that the air I breathed was of nothing but his scent, issuing me deeper into his world of physical bliss.

“Yes, sir,” I repeated slightly less breathlessly in an attempt to hide my state from the onlookers. Jack, of course, knew precisely what he was doing to me. There was no concealing this experience from him. I would be safe in his arms, his touch told me. I could let myself go.

The hand between my legs rubbed over my panties and I let out an explosive breath as the friction tugged lightly at my swollen lips and clit.

“I could take anything you possess right now, couldn’t I?” he asked softly. “Anything that is yours is being surrendered up to me. I can feel it in every breath you take.”

“Yes,” I breathed. “Yes.”

His fingers felt at the edge of my panties and then nudged them aside. The thought that I was somewhere where I was uncomfortable with my pussy being exposed seemed to flit back and forth somewhere in the distant recesses of my mind.

“I could manipulate you and use you and you would not even think to object.”

“Yes,” I repeated. Each word he spoke seemed infused with the pleasure his fingers were imparting to me. I held my breath as I felt them spread my lips and run along my sensitive folds. I had not opened my eyes in the past minute. Nothing else existed but the part of me that he was touching.

“When I put my fingers into you, you are going to be mine utterly.”

“Yes,” I agreed before I understood what he was saying. Then when I did, I repeated, “yes.”

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