Learning to Surrender Book One: Accidental Secrets (Discipline, Submission, Exhibition, and Humiliation)

Depending on who you talk to, Troy Baldwin is anything from an uptown playboy to a business-obsessed shark, but everyone would agree he’s sharp, handsome, and dangerous as they come. When Heather learns the sleepy little company she works for is getting bought out, there’s one name everybody hopes not to hear.

Her goal is to keep her head down and survive the corporate shake-up, but when a chance encounter with the new owner and CEO reveals more of both of them than they ever intended, that little plan goes out the window. They’ll have to keep each other’s secret, but with a man like this, things are never so simple …

Reader Advisory: This story is part of a series intended for mature audiences only and which features intensely erotic situations, an enigmatic and dangerously sexy billionaire, the younger woman he draws under his spell, forced exhibition, public humiliation, discipline, dominance, and rough sex. All characters are 18 or older.


Heather looked around and couldn’t help but agree. This was definitely a higher end, highly maintained, and better looking group of people than was typical even in the nicer clubs in this part of town. To be honest, she really had no idea what to make of all of this. In some ways it felt like just setting foot in here was secret and illegal. That was just the vibe it gave off. But in other ways it felt almost disappointingly sedate. Where was all the action? When was something going to happen to justify the courage it had taken to venture here?

As though the universe had heard her silent complaints and decided to teach her a lesson, the doors they had just entered through opened again. A woman stepped inside, followed closely by a man. The woman was beautiful, with dark hair and a long coat. The man was tall and his demeanor was easy and confident. He had a piece of leather in his hand.

Heather stared at it in idle curiosity, and then realized that it was attached to something else. It wasn’t just a little handle of leather, it was a leash. It was a leash connected to the woman’s neck.

Heather’s mouth opened in shock. She hadn’t noticed it at first, because the lapels of the woman’s coat were turned up, but yes, beneath the coat a dark band of metal glistened around the woman’s throat. She shifted as the man led her over to a table, and the coat opened slightly to reveal what was beneath. Heather’s eyes got a little bigger. In amazement, she elbowed Nicole in the ribs.

Beneath the coat, the woman wore a leather harness. It was dark to match the leash, and it wound around her rib cage and down over her hips. Her breasts were completely bare, emerging pale and soft between the stiff straps of leather. The man twitched the leash in his hand and she jerked and followed his lead.

Heather could feel her face growing hot. She felt paralyzed. She couldn’t believe how … much she was turned on …

She studied the man’s face, cool and approving as he watched the woman move in front of him across the floor with small, constrained steps. The woman flushed frequently and kept glancing back at the man. Honestly, she looked like she’d just been fucked – like she’d just been fucked really, really well.

The pair joined a table with several couples already seated in place. She kept waiting for some of them to react. If not them, then maybe some of the people at the other tables. But no, as far as she could tell by the patrons, there was nothing going on that was at all out of the ordinary.

Nicole had been saying something to her. With difficulty, she tore her eyes away and turned to her friend.

“What did you say?”

“I said it’s rude to stare like that.”


“Did you think you were going to come to a place like this and not see any skin?”

Heather shook her head. Nicole was apparently back to knowing everything. “I – I didn’t know what to expect.”

Nicole nodded sagely. “Collars are really big in places like this. If you’re wearing one, the other men know you’re taken.”

Heather took a long drink and coughed a little as it went down the wrong pipe. “I always thought the idea of a wedding ring was plenty romantic.”

Nicole gave her a pitying look.

“I’m just – ” she started, her eyes tracing back to the woman at the table. Now that she was looking for it, she noticed several other women with conspicuous leather chokers around their throats. They tended to be sitting a bit more upright and better mannered than the rest of the crowd, as though there was something waiting for the woman who let her good behavior slip.

Heather had always had a very secret fascination with discipline. When she’d been younger she’d found an old teacher’s spanking manual on a forgotten corner of the elementary school library and stolen it on an impulse. Now, sitting here, a lot of things she’d never intended to confront in public were getting prominently shoved in her face.

She shifted in her seat, uncomfortably aware of how wet she had gotten watching the newest pair of club patrons.

“I’m not really sure I should be here,” she muttered.

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Code of Conduct: Discipline, Spanking, and Humiliation in the Workplace

He stood back, running a hand over the curve of my ass and the back of my thigh. “Alright, my little misbehaver. Panties off.”

Under the boss determined to instill discipline, you don’t want to be the employee caught doing the wrong thing …

Code of Conduct is a three story bundle of workplace domination, discipline, and surrender to forbidden lust.

Reader Advisory: These stories are for mature audiences only and feature intensely erotic situations, well-hung alpha men, spanking, discipline, rough sex, dominance and submissiveness. All characters are 18 or older.


My heart was pounding as I looked up at him. His thick arms caged me in and back against the bed. It was as though his weight was already on me, pushing me back into the soft mattress, but he hadn’t touched me yet.

I couldn’t believe it was happening. I was about to get fucked by my boss.

I put a tentative hand up against his shoulder, just to feel him, and the heavy muscles pulsed under my fingers. I moaned at how badly I wanted him and at how long I’d wanted him. I ground my thighs together in restrained eagerness. “I’m ready,” I breathed.

He gathered my blouse in one hand and pulled it open, sending buttons flying across the carpet. I gasped, giddy with amazement. He was a stallion. I’d never been with a man like this. I’d never been with someone so much older and so much more experienced.

He unsnapped my bra with an easy gesture and pulled that away, too. I watched it flutter back behind him before my eyes returned to his. He looked at me, lust burning in his face.

His hands reached out and took my breasts, feeling at their naked shapes and cupping them as he leaned forward to kiss me. He paused just above me, his breath hot on my throat. I looked up at him a little shyly, taken aback by this sudden pause as he savored his ownership of my body. I could feel a slight blush in my face.

“You’re playing with me?” I asked.

“Isn’t that what you’ve been doing with me?” he countered.

I laughed a little in exasperation and arched my back to push my tits up into his hands. His touch felt so impossibly good. I just wanted more of it, more of it everywhere.

He bent and pressed his lips to my nipple. His hot, wet tongue circled it teasingly. I bit back the moan at first, and then let it out, giving in to the helpless pleasure.

His kisses began a trail across the top of my breast, up my throat, hot and slow against my neck, and then finally brushing against my lips. I returned the kiss enthusiastically, wet and sloppy and exuberant.

“Now,” he breathed, “I want to feel you come. I want to make you scream.”

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Serving the Party (Discipline Exhibition Humiliation and Menage)

Melissa thought the maid agency job would get her a steady paycheck, but it’s come with a whole lot more than a few cleaning duties. The days of fighting it – if she ever really wanted to fight it – are over. She’s Mr. Rochefort’s toy. She wears what he wants her to wear, does what he wants her to do, and acts how he wants her to act.

She might secretly enjoy the discipline sessions when she makes a mistake, but she’s grateful that so far he hasn’t pushed her limits. But when he tells her that at his next party she’ll be serving more than drinks, she has a feeling things are about to change.

Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, sexy billionaires and the young, submissive maid they take as a plaything, forced exhibition, public humiliation, discipline, dominance, and rough group sex. All characters are 18 or older.


When I returned with a coffee tray in one hand and a platter of dark cake in the other, the room had fallen silent. I carried my offerings over to Mr. Rochefort, who glanced at them briefly in approval.

“Excellent,” he said, his eyes not on the food but on me. “A little closer now.”

I stepped forward obediently.

“It’s our job as hosts, you and I, to make sure our guests don’t get too bored, isn’t it?” he asked.

I nodded hesitantly.

“I knew I could count on you,” he said smiling. He withdrew from his pocket a pair of fabric scissors and beckoned me a final step closer to him.

Standing helplessly with my arms full of delicately balanced platters, I could only stare down in dawning shock as he reached out and cut down the bust of my already skimpy outfit. He pulled the discarded fabric away, letting my breasts to settle soft and naked out into the open. I looked between him and my bared chest in shock, my mouth slightly open in amazement and chagrin.

Before I could entirely process what had just happened, his hand reached up the short length of my skirt, hooked into my panties, and drew them down my thighs, into full sight of the room, and then let them fall to my ankles.

I stared down at them in turn, paralyzed.

“You’re a good actor, Melissa,” he said, gesturing at the prominent wetness in the crotch of the panties. “I almost couldn’t tell how much you were enjoying all of this.”

“I – ” Words failed me.

He gestured. “Well, serve the guests. Don’t be rude, now, Melissa.”

Slowly, I turned back to my captive audience, my face scarlet and my heart pounding in my chest. In little steps constrained by the panties around my ankles, I began serving coffee and dessert.

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Spanking the Secretary

He stood back, running a hand over the curve of my ass and the back of my thigh. “Alright, my little misbehaver. Panties off.”

Laurie’s new boss is painfully handsome, and try as she might, she just can’t keep her mind focused on her work when he’s around. Worst of all, he’s starting to notice the effect he has, and toying with his blushing assistant is quickly becoming his favorite game.

He loves how embarrassed she gets when he jokes that she needs a spanking, but she never thought he’d really go through with it.

He’s going to show her how wrong she is, and how good being wrong can feel …

Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, a sexy alpha male boss and his young secretary, spanking, discipline, rough sex, dominance and submissiveness. All characters are 18 or older.


My blush renewed tenfold and my eyes darted up to his own deep, probing eyes. There was something in them … hunger or desire for something. “Do I need – a spanking?” I repeated.

He put a hand to my chin and raised my face to look at him. My eyes rose shyly and gazed into his handsome face. I had never been so close to him. Every breath was that familiar, intoxicating scent. I was trembling a little against his touch. I had lost track of where his stern sense of discipline ended and where his simple desire to have his hands on my body began. Both were clear and unhidden on that face that had so often dominated my thoughts.

“I – I guess so,” I breathed quietly.

“You guess so, sir.”

“Yes, sir.”

He pointed behind himself towards the desk. “Well, I wouldn’t want to think I’ve been going easy on you.”

“No, sir,” I agreed almost inaudibly.

He stepped aside and I moved to the desk on trembling legs, unsure if I was embarrassed or afraid or helplessly turned on. The answer was undeniably all three at once. I could feel the heat in my body. A little dribble of wetness escaped my hot folds and seeped into the fabric of my panties.

I put my hands out to feel the smooth, cold surface of the desk and shuffled my feet back a little to bend over. But it seemed he was serious, and had no interest in my faltering half-measures. He put a strong hand on my hip and pushed me back and out until I was bent far over at the waist, my ass thrust out and my head between my arms. My breath felt high and tight in my chest as I stared down at the floor.

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Spanking the Teacher’s Pet

Amanda might be used to getting her way, but soon the would-be bully is going to find out she likes getting pushed up against a desk and learning some manners, too.

Amanda’s discovered a dirty little secret about one of her classmates, and she thinks her victim will do anything to keep it quiet. But as soon as she puts her scheme into action, the whole thing backfires. Now she’s been asked to stay after class by a professor who’s more than willing to put a student like her in her place.

Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, a mature well-hung professor, a young inexperienced student, multiple partners and rough group sex, dominance and submissiveness. All characters are 18 or older.


He spanked me again. “You’ve been forgetting to count,” he chided me.

“S – sorry, sir,” I moaned.

His hand traced up the inside of my thigh. I gasped as it caressed over my hot, swollen lips. He paused, and retraced his steps with teasing fingers. I screwed my eyes shut and bit my lip to keep from making a sound as I buried my face in my arm. But even that wasn’t enough to stifle my gasp of amazement and ecstasy as he slid a finger into my wet hole. It slipped in easily. God I was so wet.

“Well,” he said, dominating my thoughts with his stroking finger, “I guess you’re getting a little distracted. You seem to like being called a bad girl.”

I couldn’t answer. I was grinding my hips back into his hand, only aware of how good it felt. I couldn’t stop myself from wanting this and more.

“You like being taught a few manners,” he went on. “Tell me you do.”

“I – like it, sir,” I gasped.

“You like getting it rough.”

“Yes, sir. Ohhh fuck!” I pressed my face harder into my arm, trying not to give in to the writhing pleasure inside me. It was too much. How on earth could I think straight?

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Caught in Class

Katie used to think Professor Wilkins was a nice guy. He’s young for a college professor and mouthwateringly handsome. The girls in her class joke about staying after for extra attention. But when he catches Katie copying off another student, she finds out in a hurry that being on his bad side can be intense.

He’s not shy about showing the pretty nineteen year old who’s boss in more ways than one. And when his methods make a big impression on her, another professor wants to help take the inexperienced young woman to her full potential …

That’s what college is about, right?

Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, mature older professors and their young inexperienced student, forbidden lust, unprotected first time sex, rough group menage, dominance and submissiveness. All characters are 18 or older.


Her tits and clit felt full and sensitive for the rest of the day, and the moment she was back at her dorm before dinner, she had to indulge herself again. The memory of that hungry, dominant gaze of Professor Wilkins – the way his eyes over her body with an undisguised look of ownership – was enough to get her instantly wet.

She had never thought of herself as obsessed with sex, but suddenly it was always on her mind. She couldn’t remember for the life of her what Mr. Wilkins had been trying to teach her. She just knew that she wanted more of something she should absolutely, positively not want more of. It was wrong. She wasn’t supposed to have enjoyed it, was she? It was supposed to have chastened her, but instead it made her voracious.

Professor Wilkins, it turned out, had no intention of letting her off so easily. At the next class after their little session together, he had told her he expected her back at the end of each day to clean up the classroom.

It was almost torture: reporting to his classroom knowing what had happened there, and instead spend the half an hour or more just picking up pieces of paper, scrubbing desks, and emptying trash. Professor Wilkins was usually working at his desk, keeping a casual eye on her as she worked. Being alone with him was now an intense experience for her, and she finished each little cleaning session as wet and horny as she had ever been before the older man had unleashed this side of her.

It was only a matter of time before her distractions took their toll in her other coursework. It was two weeks after this had all started that Professor Lancaster asked her to stay back to talk to him about her recent statistics exam.

Needless to say, Katie, scoring a 57 on a major exam is not the way to a decent grade in my class, he concluded.

Oh please, Professor, isn’t there something I could do for a bit of extra credit? she begged.

He considered it. In the past, I’ve been lenient on students who show me a real desire to improve. Tests from earlier in the year can be weighted less if you really commit yourself to learning the material. How about we schedule a couple study sessions to see if we can’t get you back on track and take it from there?

Inwardly she groaned. More time pretending to care about statistics? But outwardly she beamed and smiled. Oh thank you, Professor, she said. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Maybe there would be a way to project enthusiasm without having to waste time on these extra sessions.

So when Professor Lancaster offered to meet with her on Wednesday, she explained with exaggerated regret that she was going to be working with Professor Wilkins that afternoon.

It was a convenient excuse, and it seemed Professor Lancaster would take it at face value. Over the next week or so he offered several more times they might meet to help her improve, but each time she had to say with great disappointment that Professor Wilkins had her working a lot of projects just now – in fact it was probably why she hadn’t been able to study for the statistics exam – and she just couldn’t meet then.

It seemed like there was only so long before Professor Lancaster would give up. After all, she was only one of almost a hundred students.

But Professor Lancaster was a very generous man who cared about his students, and he hated to see any of them fall through the cracks. On the other hand, he was certainly not a fool. He was in his late thirties, sharp, intense, and popular. And when something seemed strange to him, he got to the bottom of it.

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EROTICA: Sitter Discipline: Three Very Naughty Stories

A babysitter is meant to be keeping the kids well-behaved, but when the man of the house discovers she’s the one getting out of line, he needs to take matters into his own hands …

Even with three full-length stories of steamy, exquisite discipline, this bundle will leave you desperate for more!

Reader Advisory: These stories are for mature audiences only and feature intensely erotic situations, wealthy, powerful, and well-hung older men and the fertile younger women employed in their homes, spanking, discipline, multiple partners and rough group sex, dominance and submissiveness. All characters are 18 or older.

Check out the preview for a peek at all the hot action inside that would never be allowed in a public description!


He stood up and came around behind her. His hand positioned her waist, pushing her ass further outwards and her torso down into a more humiliating posture. His touch was strong and authoritative against her trembling stomach.

“Lift your skirt up.”

Her face burned more hotly as she reached back and lifted the hem of her skirt up to her waist, exposing her panties.

She couldn’t stifle a gasp of chagrin as she felt his fingers hook into the waistline of the panties and pull them down her thighs, leaving her suddenly and mortifyingly uncovered. She stood there frozen, holding up her own skirt to expose herself for the man about to spank her.

As she felt the cool air of the room playing across her bare ass and pussy, she realized with a tremble that she was wet. Not just a little wet, but very wet.

Mr. Green’s hand ran lightly over the full, tight curve of her ass. His fingertips made her skin tingle as they passed over her, effortlessly and perhaps unintentionally communicating how thoroughly he had come to control her, mind and body.

“This will happen every time you are bad,” he said. “Every time you are lazy or apathetic to the job you were hired to do. You will be spanked. I will bring you into my kitchen and you will lift up your skirt for me and then I will punish you just like I am about to do now. I don’t care if my children hear you. They know what happens to rule breakers in this house. Do you understand?”

“Yes – yes, sir,” she said, her voice halfway between a whimper and a moan.

“Good. Count for me.”

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Picking up the Sitter

How Rachel ended up babysitting for the most eligible single father in the greater metro area, she still doesn’t really understand.

Pierce Krakauer is any girl’s dream, and twice a week the handsome thirty-five year old personally gives her a ride home after babysits his infant son. She can’t help but fantasize, especially with the way he flirts shamelessly with her, but the pretty young nineteen year old is still grown up enough to know that nothing real could ever happen.

But when she gets stranded downtown in the rain after the last bus of the night, he’s the only one who picks up the phone. All sorts of things of rules suddenly seem ready to be broken and the restraint he’s always shown seems to be wearing thin …

Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, a mature man of the house and a young inexperienced babysitter, forbidden desires, unprotected first time sex, dominance and submissiveness. All characters are 18 or older.


She nodded, chastened.

“Thank you,” she said quietly. “I was getting pretty scared.”

“I’m very, very glad I was there.”

She blinked back another tear. Why was she so emotional? She had never in a million years suspected he would care this much one way or another. Maybe all this time she hadn’t been the only one who valued their time together.

“You’re always so good to me,” she went on. “I just wish I knew how to …”

He reached out and brushed away a tear that she hadn’t quite managed to blink away. His hand rested under her chin, and suddenly she was looking him in the face, into his eyes, perfect hazel clouded with concern and soft with affection. Of all the parts of him she’d admired and dwelled on, how had she never noticed such beautiful eyes?

“You’re a really incredible man,” she said simply. “I’ve never met anyone like you before.”

He smiled. “A lot of people seem to say that to me. It means a lot more coming from you.”

She shrugged off her coat, warming after the chill wetness of the weather. She saw his eyes flick down over the revealing dress she’d worn for the evening. His gaze lingered on its plunging neckline that revealed the tops of her soft breasts and the way the fabric clung to her hips.

“I just wish I had something I could give back, you know?” she said, following his eyes. “Some way to show you how much I appreciate you. I guess a silly girl like me doesn’t have much.”

She could see that desire in his eyes again, the look she practically lived for these days, but she knew he wouldn’t put a hand on her. It was wrong. She knew it was wrong.

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Tempted by the Sitter

Laura’s job babysitting for the Glasgows didn’t start out smoothly, but the twenty year old partygirl is starting to appreciate the work she never expected to want. She’s wild and free-spirited, but the man of the house makes her want to behave. A smile of his approval and affection still puts butterflies in her stomach after working for him for a month.

At first Mr. Glasgow doesn’t have a lot of patience for the irresponsible young woman he’s hired. But it isn’t long before her young charm and soft, inviting body are starting to bring back desires he hasn’t felt in years. When Laura loses track of time at a party and has to show up for work dressed in an outrageously revealing top and miniskirt, it’s the final straw for the man who always thought he had more self-control …

Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, a mature man of the house and a young inexperienced babysitter, forbidden desires, unprotected first time sex, dominance and submissiveness. All characters are 18 or older.


“So it’s the dad you like,” Nina guessed shrewdly.

Laura felt herself instantly turn red. “What? No, it’s not – I don’t!”


Laura fought to regain her composure. “He’s like a million years old and he’s married.”

“Older guys are sexy,” Nina said. “How old is he really.”

“I don’t know, forty, I guess.”

“That’s not old at all. Is he handsome?”

Laura struggled to think of a way to sound convincing. “Well, not … yeah, I guess he is.”

“What did you say his name was?” Sandy asked.

“Mr. Glasgow.”

Sandy pulled out her phone and had found a local article about him in less than thirty seconds. “Damn,” she said, holding up the accompanying picture.

“Jesus Christ!” Nina sucked in her breath. “No wonder his wife gets territorial. Look at that jaw line!”

Laura was now a deep red and would have liked to change the subject, but her friends were having none of it. She took a long drink of her margarita to hide her embarrassment.

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Craving the Sitter

Nineteen and about to start as a freshman at the state university, Sarah isn’t the little girl Mr. Collins used to know. The daughter of his old college friend has blossomed into a beautiful young woman, and he’s uncomfortable with how aware of that he is. He knows it’s perfectly normal for a young, curious teen to dress to catch a man’s eye, he just wishes that eye weren’t his.

Sarah loves babysitting for Mr. Collins. She gets to feel a part of the family of the man she’s always looked up to. But she’s noticed a distance growing between them. In her most secret thoughts, she wonders if he thinks about her the way she sometimes thinks about him, but the more provocatively she dresses, the less he seems to look at her.

But the innocent young woman doesn’t realize how close to the flame she’s flying, and the mature, well-hung older man is a lot more than Sarah’s bargained for. It seems only a matter of time before she pushes him beyond his limit. It won’t matter how wrong it is. All he wants is her, and he’ll give her everything she can take, faster and harder than she ever expected.

Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, a mature man of the house and a young inexperienced babysitter, forbidden desires, unprotected first time sex, dominance and submissiveness. All characters are 18 or older.


Grant Collins had had a long day, and it was well after ten o’clock when he pulled into the driveway of the big house on Wabash.

It was a lavish building – more space than they really needed, he sometimes thought. But since assuming CFO duties, the money came in so fast that it seemed a shame not to spend it on something his family could enjoy and take pride in. He was glad he had been able to find something so nice without going far from the old neighborhood.

It didn’t quite feel like home yet, but it would soon.

He saw the dark outline of a person move past one of the windows. He instantly felt his mood lift a bit, knowing that outline would be Sarah, relaxing after an evening of watching the kids. He’d never say as much, but she was as big a part as anything in his not wanting to transplant too far away. As much as he loved his boys, in a way he’d always think of her as just as much his daughter as they were his sons.

He’d been friends with her father since college, when Grant had been the young up-and-coming tailback that the veteran fullback had taken under his wing and shown the ropes.

Since those days, success hadn’t come as easily to his old friend, but Grant had to hand it to him: he’d raised a hell of a daughter. Sarah was an exceptionally sweet girl: warm, chipper, and helplessly cute. She always had a smile on her face, and it was impossible not to smile along with her.

Moving too far away to see her regularly would have been like estranging his own family. He was already smiling as he opened the door.

He stepped inside and felt his stomach clench. Sarah had looked up from her seat on the sofa in the living room beyond.

All the warm, innocent memories of her as a girl flew out of his head in an instant, replaced by a now all too familiar dread.

His little Sarah stood up and made her way down the hall. He’d tried to ignore the changes in her body over the past several years, but recently she seemed determined – intentionally or not – to make that impossible.

She was dressed in a tank top and very, very short shorts. Her toned, tan thighs rounded into the most perfect ass as they disappeared under the tightly stretched denim. The tank top was loose and thin, and it was painfully obvious that she was wearing no bra beneath it. Her young, perky breasts were nestled against her folded arms, and their soft shape and nipples were perfectly visible even in the imperfect light that spilled out into the foyer. Her blonde hair was teased and tucked back into a partial pony-tail.

She bounced slightly on the balls of her feet as she came over. “Hello, Mr. Collins,” she beamed.

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