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Month: July 2016

Learning Experiences: Gay First Time Older Man MMM Student Professor Menage Collection

The thought of disobeying never crossed Nick’s mind. His body was flooded with a feeling he’d never felt before. It was strange and hot and eager. He liked being touched and controlled.

A stud professor might be fun to admire from the back row, but if you’re the guy caught stepping out of line in his class, the lesson on who’s in charge won’t be an easy one …

Learning Experiences is a collection of three standalone erotic stories of college discipline and first time gay experiences.

Reader Advisory: These stories are for mature audiences only and feature intensely erotic situations, discipline, dominance, first time anal sex, a lot of charged up hot guys who think they’re straight and some who know what they want from the start. All characters are 18 or older.


By the third week of classes, Jeremy had settled into things. After the initial onslaught of new faces, there wasn’t all that much about the job that he couldn’t handle or new surprises to put him on his back foot.

Well, except for Aaron Ross in his 302 course. That was different entirely.

When he’d been a student, it was guys like Aaron that he’d watched from afar with a mixture of nervousness and curiosity. He was about as unlike the beefy jocks as a guy could be, but in his secret, most private moments he couldn’t deny he was intrigued by their simple exuberance and enjoyment of life. All those muscled, hard-working bodies and camaraderie and brotherhood. And Aaron intrigued him more than the rest, because he wasn’t just some dumb muscle head he could pretend to himself he was too smart to respect.

No, Aaron had more than enough of a brain. Maybe he was a little too smart for his own good. It was like he could see through Jeremy, and see every little piece of him Jeremy didn’t want him to see. He could see every little hint of nervousness and shyness. He made him feel like a boy again, with all the tentativeness of his lack of sexual experience coming back to him.

And that was probably the way to put it. Something about Aaron made him regret how little he’d gone looking for more, sexually speaking. It’s not that he’d avoided things; he just didn’t have time. And the more he didn’t have time, the less he let himself think about it. Sure there had been a couple things here or there, but nothing stuck and nothing that took him out of his comfort zone. Why was it that Aaron seemed to be able to do that just by walking in the door? Jeremy was straight, after all.

The first day had been the worst, when Aaron had stayed back to talk to him after class. He could still remember the way a whole flock of butterflies had exploded in his stomach when he had looked up and met the Aaron’s eyes. Jeremy could remember the way he felt like time was moving too fast. He could remember that moment when Aaron’d leaned in to be close to him … Most of all, he remembered seeing that unspoken desire in his eyes as Aaron looked at him, right before he turned and left Jeremy shaking in the classroom.

Even three weeks later, the memory was enough to make his heart beat a little faster.

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Office Conduct (Straight to Gay Workplace Discipline Erotica)

Tyler knows he’s straight, but then why does he keep having dreams about his boss? The last thing he wants is a rumor starting in the office, and when one of his coworker’s makes a comment, Tyler sets about proving it wrong in the worst way possible. If Mr. Cross finds out his favorite employee is fooling around with a girl in the break room, Tyler’s in for a disciplining he’s not likely to forget.

All he can do is hope Mr. Cross will take it easy on him, but one look at his boss’s face says that’s not very likely …

Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, spanking, discipline, dominance, first time anal sex, and a lot of charged up hot guys who think they’re straight and some who know what they want from the start. All characters are 18 or older.

Notice: This story includes themes and passages that have been adapted from the Office Discipline stories by Jessica Whitethread with full consent of the original author.


I crossed my arms. “What, are you going to be difficult now?”

“I just don’t want to feel like I’m being used to prove a point.”

My smile was growing broader the more she teased me. She was very cute, and she knew it. She was funny, and she knew it. She really wasn’t all that bad a girl, and she really had my number. And she knew that, too. Sometimes the only way to get a little power back on your side in a situation like that is to make a move. So I kissed her.

It wasn’t a long, drawn out surrender to eternal yearning. It wasn’t the door to warm, wet forbidden ecstasy. But it felt good.

It felt good, and it also felt kind of wrong in a very enticing way, there in the break room with the blinds drawn by some lucky accident.

It only lasted a moment, and I pulled back just an inch.

“What do you think about that?” I asked, my mouth still very close to hers.

This time she kissed me. Her arm moved around my waist, drawing me against her body. She smelled very good, and she knew exactly what she was doing. Her lips and tongue were soft and sensual, playful but with serious intent. Her hand wandered down my back, cupping my ass.

I let my eyes slip closed. I softened my position, conforming to her, letting my body savor hers. This second one was a really, really good kiss.

But it ended too soon.

At the sound of the break room door, my eyes flew open. I leapt back, my heart missing several beats in a row.

And it kept on missing beats as I looked up to see who had discovered us. I was frozen, backed against the wall, my arm still extended from pushing myself back.

Mr. Garrett face was a thundercloud as he stepped into the room. “What the hell is going on here?”

Danielle had leapt to her feet and spun to face the newcomer. When she realized who it was, she started backing away, too. She inadvertently bumped into me against the wall and hastily stepped aside and out of my intimate proximity.

“It wasn’t what it looked like -” Danielle started.

“Shut up.”

The door slammed shut behind him. I felt like I was going to be sick.

“You.” He pointed at me. “My office. And you,” he said, pointing at Danielle.

“You can’t fire me,” Danielle blurted.

Find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google, AllRomance, and Smashwords.

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