Classroom Consequences: BBW Alpha Professor Discipline MFM Bundle

His hand rested on my ass cheek for a moment, and then he lifted the back of my skirt up and tucked it into my waistband. I stiffened as I felt cool air flow over my bare thighs. I was wet. I was getting embarrassingly wet. Why was I so incredibly turned on?

Staying out of trouble is hard enough for the student with the curves to make any man turn his head. But with a professor who’s not afraid of what he wants, even when he knows it’s wrong, avoiding trouble becomes impossible …

Classroom Consequences is a three story bundle of professor student discipline and forbidden older man attraction.

Reader Advisory: These stories are for mature audiences only and feature intensely erotic situations, well-hung older men, pretty young bbw co-eds, spanking, discipline, multiple partners and rough group sex, dominance and submissiveness. All characters are 18 or older.


He spanked me again. “You’ve been forgetting to count,” he chided me.

“S – sorry, sir,” I moaned.

His hand traced up the inside of my thigh. I gasped as it caressed over my hot, swollen lips. He paused, and retraced his steps with teasing fingers. I screwed my eyes shut and bit my lip to keep from making a sound as I buried my face in my arm. But even that wasn’t enough to stifle my gasp of amazement and ecstasy as he slid a finger into my wet hole. It slipped in easily. God I was so wet.

“Well,” he said, dominating my thoughts with his stroking finger, “I guess you’re getting a little distracted. You seem to like being called a bad girl.”

I couldn’t answer. I was grinding my hips back into his hand, only aware of how good it felt. I couldn’t stop myself from wanting this and more.

“You like being taught a few manners,” he went on. “Tell me you do.”

“I – like it, sir,” I gasped.

“You like getting it rough.”

“Yes, sir. Ohhh fuck!” I pressed my face harder into my arm, trying not to give in to the writhing pleasure inside me. It was too much. How on earth could I think straight?

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